Several varieties of reptiles were well adapted for living and competing successfully in mid-ocean during the Late Cretaceous. It is likely that some, including mosasaurs, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs, were as highly evolved for survival at sea and in the air as the dinosaurs were on land. All marine reptiles were air breathers, and had to surface periodically in a manner similar to modern whales and porpoises. Leer más.

Spotting the word ‘tortoise’ on my list of evening consults can make me feel a little anxious, aware that my scope of knowledge for this species doesn’t match up to its canine and feline equivalents. Neil Forbes, the speaker at last week’s veterinary webinar covering Post Hibernation Anorexia (PHA) in the tortoise believes it’s the vet’s responsibility to advise owners on the husbandry and management of this species, and keeping our knowledge base up to speed is essential. Leer más.