Results showed that the population is well established in Formentera, but prolonged control campaigns have caused its decline. This study becomes a starting point to improve the management and control programs of invasive snake populations in the Balearic Islands. Long-term control as well as the improvement of the detection and capture of adult females are strongly recommended to attempt the eradication of Z. scalaris in Formentera. Leer más.


EDGE Protected and Conserved Area Fund. ASA partners Rainforest Trust, Zoological Society of London and other NGOs launched a new fund aimed at safeguarding Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species. These species have few close relatives on the tree of life and are often extremely unusual in the way they look, live and behave, as well as in their genetic make-up. Check if your species apply here. Leer más.


The lack of basic natural history and distributional data represents a challenge for the conservation of rare and endemic amphibian species. This is the case of “Centrolene” acanthidiocephalum, a poorly known glassfrog endemic to the Cordillera Oriental of the Colombian Andes.   Leer más.