Concurrently, we did not find conclusive evidence for selection in the two colour loci. As an illustration of these effects, we observed that populations with higher proportions of the rarer yellow and yellow-orange morphs had higher genetic diversity. Our results suggest that processes involving a decay in overall genetic diversity, such as reduced gene flow and/or bottleneck events have an important role in shaping population-specific morph composition via non-selective processes. Leer más.


The results indicate that cloacal temperature depends on the water temperature, corroborating the idea that C. asper is mainly a thermoconformer, as it corresponds to an aquatic ectotherm. However, the cloacal temperature of newts was slightly higher than water temperature. In individuals in amplexus, cloacal temperature was significantly higher than in specimens that are not in amplexus, and in July, females showed much greater dispersion in cloacal temperature than males, which is probably related to spawning behaviour. Leer más.