Psammophis afroccidentalis • On the Psammophis sibilans group (Serpentes, Lamprophiidae, Psammophiinae) North of 12°S, with the Description of A New Species from West Africa

Based on molecular, morphological and field data, the status and zoogeography of the taxa of the Psammophis sibilans group north of 12°S are reviewed. Molecular data including sequences from 20 of the 22 described species known to occur north of 12°S suggest that P. sibilans distribution is restricted to northeastern Africa, from Egypt to Ethiopia. Populations from West Africa are described as a new species, Psammophis afroccidentalis sp. nov., and those from Chad, Cameroon and Central African Republic are assigned to P. rukwae which is also distributed from Tanzania to Ethiopia. Leer más.