Three new sea turtles from the Caribbean island of Nevis are being tracked using state-of-the-art satellite telemetry as part of an inspirational public-private partnership between Four Seasons Resort Nevis, the nonprofit Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) and the Nevis Turtle Group (NTG). Two of the turtles are participating in STC’s annual Tour de Turtles—a free, online education program that allows users to follow the oceanic migrations of sea turtles while learning about threats to their survival. These rare marine creatures can be tracked online at www.tourdeturtles.org. Leer más.

A North American toad is fighting its own battle with chytrid, a battle just as devastating as the one frogs in Panama are facing. The Wyoming toad (Anaxyrus baxteri) is one of the most endangered anurans (frog or toad) in North America. Historically, they were found in the Laramie Basin of southern Wyoming. Up until the mid 1970s, they were common throughout this region, but since then, the population drastically declined. Major threats are loss of habitat, pesticide usage and chytrid fungus. In 1994, the last wild toads were rescued from extinction when they were collected and sent to a captive breeding facility. One day, their tadpoles could be released back into the wild, thanks to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (CMZ), and other zoos and federal facilities now breeding Wyoming toads. Leer más.