Therizinosaurs are an unusual group of Therapod Dinosaurs known from the Cretaceous of Asia and North America (with one dubious fossil from the Early Jurassic of China), usually placed within the Maniraptors, which makes them closely related to the early Birds. Unlike most Therapods they had well developed forelimbs with a wide range of movement and strongly curved claws and dentition suited to a vegetarian diet. Leer más.

On August 16th, 2012 a breeding program for the Golden Mantella frog Mantella aurantiaca was officially launched at the Mitsinjo amphibian captive breeding center. The Golden Mantella is a well-known icon of Madagascar’s diverse amphibian fauna. The IUCN considers it to be Critically Endangered, with a restricted distribution in Madagascar’s mid-altitude eastern rainforest adjacent to wetlands northwest and south of the town of Andasibe. Leer más.

We’ve had a week now to let the proposed reclassification of Anolis sink it, so it’s time to start discussing it. A revolutionary new view of the scientific review process suggests that in the future, all papers will be published open access online (as this one is–thanks Nicholson et al.), the journal in which it appears (if any) will not matter, and peer review and evaluation will be conducted post-publication on internet discussion sites. Realistic? Who knows, but why not give it a try? Leer más.