Alien populations of painted frogs, genus Discoglossus, on the southeastern coast of France: two examples of anthropogenic introduction

Introductions of animals and plants by humans permanently restructure the distribution ranges of
species and the compositions of communities, a phenomenon which has been intensified in recent decades
with globalization. However, it is often difficult to date these introductions or to identify the geographic origin
of the introduced individuals. In this study, genetic variation in the mitochondrial gene for cytochrome b was
examined in native populations of painted frogs (genus Discoglossus) and introduced individuals discovered
at two novel locations in the south-east of France, to determine their specific ranks and origins. The population
of Discoglossus sardus identified at Marseille probably originated from Corsica, and that of Discoglossus
pictus discovered at Grimaud in the Var Department probably originated from the previously introduced range
of the species in the southwestern Mediterranean region of France. Descargar pdf.