An updated check-list of Italian amphibians and reptiles

This paper represents an update of the list of Italian amphibians and reptiles published 15 years ago by Razzetti et al. (2006) and of the checklist published in 1993 by the late Benedetto Lanza. At present, the Italian herpetofauna includes 101 species (41 amphibians and 60 reptiles) and an amphibian taxon of hybrid origin. Seven species and one subspecies are allochthonous and became naturalized within the last century. Since the last published list, a new species has been described (Vipera walser), five taxa have been raised to species rank (Salamandrina perspicillata, Speleomantes sarrabusensis, Zootoca carniolica, Malpolon insignitus and Natrix helvetica) while three taxa have been downgraded to subspecies. Leer más.