Ancylodactylus kenyaensis, A. chyuluensis, A. laikipiensis, etc. • Resurrection of the African Gecko Genus Ancylodactylus Müller, 1907 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) and Description of Six New Species from Kenya

The genus Cnemaspis as presently construed is polyphyletic, with African, South Asian and Southeast Asian clades each representing independent lineages. The name Ancylodactylus Müller, 1907 is available for the African clade of forest geckos and features previously identified as putatively diagnostic of this group (loss or reduction of the second phalanx of digit IV of manus and pes, as well as a markedly dilated basal portions of the digits) are here regarded as characters supporting the monophyly of Ancylodactylus. Leer más.