Croaking Science: Novel reproductive behaviours in amphibians

There are currently 8,004 species of amphibian (AmphibiaWeb, 2019) of which 88%, (7,064 species) are frogs and toads (anurans). These species exhibit an astonishing range of reproductive modes, of which only a small proportion lay eggs in water which hatch into aquatic larvae. In total, anurans exhibit 40 different modes of reproduction which are based on where the eggs are laid, egg type, and patterns of larval development. Examples of different reproductive modes include: depositing eggs in foam nests which float on water; laying eggs on the back of the female; laying eggs on the ground or in burrows; and depositing eggs on leaves with tadpoles that hatch and fall into water below (Duellman & Trueb, 1986). Leer más.