Cryptic Speciation within Asthenodipsas vertebralis (Boulenger, 1900) (Squamata: Pareatidae), the Description of A New Species from Peninsular Malaysia, and the Resurrection of A. tropidonotus (Lidth de Jude, 1923) from Sumatra: An Integrative Taxonomic A

A review of the taxonomic status of the Asian Slug Snake, Asthenodipsas vertebralis (Boulenger, 1900) based on an in-tegrative taxonomic approach using molecular, morphological, color pattern, and ecological data indicate it is composed of three well supported monophyletic lineages: (1) Pulau Tioman and Fraser’s Hill, Pahang and Bukit Larut, Perak; Pen-insular Malaysia; (2) its sister lineage from Northern Sumatra; and (3) the remaining basal lineage from Peninsular Malaysia. Leer más.