MoroccoHerps: Macroprotodon abubakeri Wade, 2001

Macroprotodon abubakeri was described by Wade (2001), who partitioned this species from M. brevis based on morphological analyses of museum specimens. Due to the fact that most of these specimens were collected in the late 19th- early 20th century, much remains unknown about M. abubakeri. While the general taxonomic situation of North African Macroprotodon species currently remains ambiguous, the distinct identity of M. abubakeri was confirmed by Carranza et al. (2004) on the basis of mtDNA data. According to these analyses, the clade currently assigned to M. abubakeri is well-separated from the clade containing all other Macroprotodon species. Conclusively, both on morphological and mtDNA level M. abubakeri is a well-defined, but poorly known species. Leer más.