Multilocus phylogeography of the common midwife toad, Alytes obstetricans (Anura, Alytidae): contrasting patterns of lineage diversification and genetic structure in the Iberian refugium

H. Gonçalves, B. Maia-Carvalho, T. Sousa-Neves, M. García-París, F. Sequeira, N. Ferrand, I. Martínez-Solano. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution In press. Survival of populations in allopatric refugia through the Ice Ages supports the generality of the “refugia-within-refugia” scenario for the Iberian Peninsula. However, lineages corresponding to subspecies A. o. almogavarii, A. o. pertinax, A. o. obstetricans, and A. o. boscai responded differently to Pleistocene climatic oscillations after diverging from a common ancestor. Leer más.