Phenotypic variability in larvae of two species of Mediterranean spadefoot toad: an approach using linear and geometric morphometrics

Daniel Escoriza & Jihène Ben Hassine. African Journal of Herpetology. Volume 63, Issue 2, 2014. Two species of the genus Pelobates occur in the western Mediterranean region: Pelobates cultripes, in the Iberian Peninsula and southern France, and Pelobates varaldii, endemic in northwestern Morocco. These two species form a monophyletic clade within the Eurasian Pelobates and are morphologically conservative. However some morphological differences exist in their larval stages, which have been used to support the distinction between them as separate species. Here we examine the larval morphology at the premetamorphic Gosner stages of both species using linear and geometric morphometrics. Leer más.