Revista Española de Herpetología, 22 (2008)

Revista Española de Herpetología. Volumen 22 / 2008
ISSN: 0213-6686 – Depósito legal S.633 – 1988


CORDERO RIVERA, A., AYRES, C. & VELO-ANTÓN, G.: High prevalence of accessory scutes and anomalies in Iberian populations of Emys orbicularis
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 5-14

D’ANGELO, S., GALIA, F. & LO VALVO, M.: Biometric characterization of two Sicilian pond turtle (Emys trinacris) populations in south-western Sicily
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 15-22

FATTIZZO, T.: Morphological data and notes on natural history of pond turtles Emys orbicularis(Linnaeus, 1758) of southern Apulia (Italy)
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 23-32

ALARCOS, G., ORTIZ-SANTALIESTRA, M., FERNÁNDEZ-BENEÍTEZ, M.J., LIZANA, M. & MADRIGAL GONZÁLEZ, J.:Preliminary data on the structure of freshwater turtle populations (Emys orbicularis and Mauremys leprosa) in a stream in the Natural Park of Los Arribes del Duero (Zamora, Spain)
Rev. Esp. Herp. 21: 33-43

SEGURADO, P. & ARAÚJO, P.R.: Population structure of Emys orbicularis in syntopy and allotopy withMauremys leprosa
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 45-54

CADI, A. & MIQUET, A.: Habitat use and dispersion of translocated European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) in Lake Bourget and meta-population project over the Haut-Rhône
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 55-69

CADI, A., NEMOZ, M., THIENPONT, S. & JOLY, P.: Annual home range and movement in freshwater turtles: management of the endangered European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis)
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 71-86

MITRUS, S.: Reintroduction of the European pond turtle using headstarted animals: is it possible?
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 87-92

BATALLER, J.V., CORTEZA, A. & SANCHO, V.: Some data on ecology and distribution of the European pond turtle in the Valencia region (Eastern Spain)
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 93-102

SANCHO, V. & RAMIA, F.: Data on a relict population of Emys orbicularis from Burriana (Castellón, Eastern Spain)
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 103-109

CADI, A., TEILLAC, P., DELMAS, V., GIRONDOT, M., SERVAIS, V. & PRÉVOT-JULLIARD, A.C.: Slider turtlesTrachemys scripta elegans released in France: a case of integrated research and conservation program
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 111-114

DUCOTTERD, J.M., MOSIMANN, D. & CADI, A.: European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) conservation program in Switzerland
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 115-119

SCHWEITZER, S., PRINZINGER, R. & WICKER, R.: Reintroduction project of the turtle Emys orbicularis in Hesse (Germany): basic steps and first results
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 121-130

RYBACKI, M. & MACIANTOWICZ, M.: Status, distribution and protection of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis, L.) in western Poland
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 131-137

NOVOTNÝ, M., DANKO, S., BUREŠOVÁ, A., MAJLÁTH, I. & HAVAŠ, P.: European pond turtle hibernation in southeastern Slovakia: a preliminary report
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 139-147

PUPINS, M. & PUPINA, A.: Distribution of European pond turtle Emys orbicularis(Linnaeus, 1758) on the northern edge of its area in Latvia
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 149-157

TOME, S.: Distribution and conservation status of the European pond turtle in Slovenia
Rev. Esp. Herp. 22: 159-163