Sitana bahiri & Sitana devakai • Two New Species of the Genus Sitana Cuvier, 1829 (Reptilia: Agamidae) from Sri Lanka, including a Taxonomic Revision of the Indian Sitana Species

The genus Sitana was described by Cuvier (1829) on the basis of a single species, S. ponticeriana. The secondly described, Sitana minor Günther, 1864, is identical to S. ponticeriana Cuvier, 1829, and should be considered as a junior objective synonym of the latter. The syntypes of S. deccanensis Jerdon, 1870 have been rediscovered, misplaced among the syntypes of S. minor (sensu Boulenger 1885) at the Natural History Museum (London) and the former taxon is here recognised as a valid species and redescribed. Leer más.