The Use of Prefemoral Endoscope-Assisted Surgery and Transplastron Coeliotomy in Chelonian Reproductive Disorders

Tortoises and turtles (chelonians) are routinely presented in veterinary practice because of their reproductive disorders. Although egg binding in chelonians can often be resolved with conventional therapy, the diagnosis and treatment of complicated cases of egg binding and various other disorders of the reproductive tract in chelonians often require a more advanced therapeutic approach. If surgical intervention is required, endoscope-assisted techniques comprise the least invasive and thus preferred surgical approach. In cases where the use of endoscope-assisted procedures is not feasible, the reproductive tract needs to be accessed through the plastron (transplastron coeliotomy). https://www.mdpi.com/animals/animals-12-03439/article_deploy/html/images/animals-12-03439-g001-550.jpg Leer más.