Vertebrate road-kill patterns in Mediterranean habitats: Who, when and where

M. D’Amicoa, J. Romána, L. de los Reyesb, E. Revilla. Biological Conservation. Volume 191, November 2015, Pages 234–242. During one year we recorded the casualties found on paved roads within Doñana Natural Park. We found 2368 road-kills belonging to 66 species (32% of the study area checklist), with abundant ectotherm species more likely to be road-killed. We also investigated the temporal and spatial factors affecting the road-kill patterns of different taxonomic and functional groups. The phenology of the species was the main factor affecting road-kill temporal patterns for lizards, all birds and small mammals. Additionally, rainfall events were associated with the road-kill peaks of wintering birds, whereas high temperatures were related to the increase of road-killed snakes and the decrease of road-killed amphibians. Leer más.