Woodland Salamander Field Technician

Agency: Purdue University, Dept. Forestry and Natural Resources
Location: Yellowwood and Morgan-Monroe State Forests, Indiana

Job Description: One field technician is needed to assist in studying the effects of silvicultural treatments on the abundance and species richness of terrestrial salamanders in Indiana. Work will be conducted as part of the Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment (www.fnr.purdue.edu/HEE), a long-term assessment of ecosystem responses to silvicultural treatments being conducted as a cooperative venture involving scientists at Purdue University and other partners. Duties will include 1) checking cover objects for salamanders; 2) weighing, measuring, and marking salamanders with visible implant elastomer; 3) conducting surveys for downed woody debris; 4) collecting habitat data such as canopy cover, leaf litter depth, and soil moisture; and 5) data entry. The position will last from approximately mid-February to approximately mid-May (start and end dates somewhat flexible), with a possible extension to mid- August. Camp-style field housing and in-field transportation will be provided. Please send a brief letter of interest, indicating your dates of availability, a resume, and contact information of three references to:


Qualifications: The nature of this work requires applicants be in good physical condition and have the capability to work independently in adverse environments including cold, heat, humidity, thorns, and biting insects. Experience with visible implant elastomer is preferred but not required. Experience with GPS, large 4-wheel drive vehicles, maps and orienteering are also preferred but not required. Only motivated and responsible individuals interested in gaining valuable and unique experience in the field of applied wildlife ecology should apply. A valid driver’s license and good driving record are required.

Salary: $9.00/hr + field housing

Closing Date: 15 February 2011 or until position is filled


Jami MacNeil
(207) 651-7185