Some of the world’s finest herpetologists have joined forces to organize a two year Master specialization in Herpetology. The Master program in Biology addresses highly motivated students with a Bachelor degree in Biology (or equivalent) and aims to provide them with strong fundamental and applied knowledge in preparation of an active professional role in herpetological research. This highly-specialized Master is organized in the capital of Europe, at the Free University of Brussels (VUB, Vrije Universiteit Brussel), but ecological and herpetological field courses in European and tropical countries form an important part of this exciting program. Leer más.

A research team at the University of British Columbia plans to kill seven highly endangered green sea turtles in order to complete a study into turtle diving depths. A whistleblower tipped off Stop UBC Animal Research about the project. The sea turtles have been part of the project for the past 10 years, a project that started out with 16 turtles, two of whom died, and seven who were retired to educational facilities. Although the study began as minimally invasive, the final procedure will require major surgery. Leer más.