They just keep getting smaller. Barely a month after scientists identified the world’s smallest species of frog, this little guy has been snapped relaxing on an US dime. At 7.7 millimetres long from snout to tail, it’s even teenier than December’s “smallest frog ever” – and this time it’s the smallest vertebrate, too. Leer más.

As the weather begins to become warm and damp in spring 2012, Common toads (Bufo bufo) will wake up from their winter hibernation.  The only thing toads are interested in every spring is getting back to their breeding ponds –generally not just any old pond, but the pond they grew up in themselves.  They will try to get back there, no matter what is in the way – including busy roads. Leer más.

Humankind’s appetite for seafood has had a bigger impact on the world’s marine turtles than long thought. A new report by Conservation International (CI) in partnership with Duke University’s Project GloBAL (Global By-catch Assessment of Long-lived Species) finds that in the past eighteen years it is likely millions of marine turtles have been killed as bycatch by the world’s fisheries. Leer más.