Smithsonian scientists and their colleagues have uncovered a new threat posed by invasive Burmese pythons in Florida and the Everglades: The snakes are not only eating the area’s birds, but also the birds’ eggs straight from the nest. The results of this research add a new challenge to the area’s already heavily taxed native wildlife. The team’s findings are published in the online journal Reptiles & Amphibians: Conservation and Natural History. Leer más.

t is that time of year again in The Netherlands – the time of year when frogs go a-frolicking and are breeding in ponds and ditches around the country. Harald Walker managed to get some spectacular footage of what appears to a horde of Common European Brown frogs (Rana temporaria) locked in amplexus.  This pond will be overflowing with tadpoles anytime now! Ir al video.

Farem un cens dels amfibis que podem trobar al nostre tram de riu. A l’inici de l’activitat es farà una petita explicació de la metodologia a seguir i de les principals característiques d’aquests animals. Cal portar botes d’aigua, llanterna i roba d’abric. Activitat emmarcada dins del projecte de recuperació ecològica del riu Ripoll. Activitat nocturna a càrrec de Lluís Benejam i Sandra Saura, biòlegs. Inscripció prèvia gratuïta. Places limitades. Llegir més.