Few people have ever heard of the Socotra Archipelago even though, biologically-speaking, it is among the world’s most wondrous set of islands. Over one third of Socotra’s plants are found no-where else on Earth, i.e. endemic, while 90 percent of its reptiles are also endemic. Adding to its list of unique life-forms, researchers have recently uncovered a new skink species that is found only on the island of Abd al Kuri, which is slightly smaller than New York City’s Staten Island. Dubbed the “the other Galapagos,” the four Socotra islands are under the jurisdiction of Yemen, although geographically speaking the islands are actually closer to Somalia. Leer más.

When it comes to breeding Pacific tree frogs, Mohawk Kuzma, a Burien 21 year-old formerly known as Miles Partman, should leap on to your radar. The Evergreen High School graduate and current civic volunteer said he noticed that many in this species, called Pseudacris regilla are being killed off by the chytrid fungus or “Chytridiomycosis”. He raises eggs and tadpoles to give away for free. Leer más.

In this age of rapid global change it is rare to hear good news concerning the plight of wildlife species.  Plant and animal species face mounting threats from global climate change, habitat loss, emerging diseases and other stressors.  Amphibians exemplify the current biodiversity crises, and are the most threatened class of vertebrates on earth with ~43% of all known species experiencing population declines.  Despite this dire outlook for amphibians there is occasionally good news regarding amphibian conservation.  This good news includes the discovery of new species and the rediscovery of species that were once considered “missing”. Leer más.