La sortida consistirà en una visita guiada a una bassa amb l’objectiu d’identificar les postes, el cant nupcial i les diferents espècies d’amfibis que es poden trobar a la comarca d’Osona. Les basses són punts calents de biodiversitat on a principis de primavera els amfibis es dirigeixen per iniciar els cants nupcials, aparellar-se i realitzar les postes. Aquesta concentració d’individus ens permet observar fàcilment, i en un mateix lloc, diferents espècies d’amfibis com; la reineta, el tòtil, el gripau corredor, el gripauet, el gripau d’esperons i el tritó palmat. Leer más.

It is very easy to forget , when you focus so much of your attention on the high profile formations of Asia, Canada and the United States, that there is significant dinosaur bearing strata virtually right on your doorstep. I was always aware of the importance of Eastern Iberia but, until this book was published, had not realised how many and how diverse these locations were. Only a couple of hours flying time away lays one of the most important and astonishingly rich dinosaur grave yards in the world. Leer más.

Did dome-headed dinosaurs really butt heads? While not one of the most important subjects in paleontology, the question is one of the most fraught. The thick-skulled dinosaurs look as if they were perfectly suited to cracking heads, much like modern bighorn sheep do, but whether or not dinosaurs like Pachycephalosaurus really knocked noggins has depended on who you asked. While some studies have concluded that these dinosaurs were fully capable of bashing skulls, other analyses have disagreed and pointed out that rounded, dome-shaped heads were actually poor weapons in such contests. Leer más.