On Monday October 10, two Asian passengers on an Air Madagascar flight to Bangkok, Thailand and Guangzhou, China were arrested at Ivato International Airport after attempting to smuggle four suitcases full of 569 Critically Endangered Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) through customs. This is a record number seizure for this airport in the capital city of Antananarivo. After the confiscation, the Malagasy Forestry Authority mandated the Turtle Survival Alliance to look after the baby tortoises. Of the group, three were already dead and ten are currently in very poor condition. Leer más.

Thank Goodness it’s Frog Friday!! The featured species for today is the Bush Squeaker (Arthroleptis wahlbergii). The Bush Squeaker is endemic to the east coast of South Africa, from just south of Port St Johns northward to the Mozambique border. In Kwa- Zulu-Natal, its range extends inland to altitudes of c.1000 m in the mist belt, where it is particularly common. Leer más.

El edificio Font Roja Natura, en Alcoy, acoge la exposición “Els amfibis i els seus tolls” de la Conselleria de Medio Ambiente. Se trata de una muestra enmarcada dentro de la celebración del 10º aniversario de la declaración del Racó de Sant Bonaventura-Els Canalons como Paraje Natural Municipal y que permanecerá abierta hasta el 31 de octubre, de lunes a domingo de 10 a 14 horas.

New research is revealing surprising connections between animal microbiomes — the communities of microbes that live inside animals’ bodies — and animal behavior, according to a paper by University of Georgia ecologist Vanessa O. Ezenwa and her colleagues. The article, just published in the Perspectives section of the journal Science, reviews recent developments in this emerging research area and offers questions for future investigation. Leer más.