Bullfrogs may be responsible for one of the greatest disappearing acts in the Pacific Northwest: Wherever they go, native Oregon spotted frogs vanish. The invading titans have managed to outcompete — and gobble up — every spotted frog population they’ve encountered, except for one. North of Hood River is a wetland called Conboy Lake, home to a seemingly bullfrog-proof population of spotted frogs. Now, Oregon Zoo researcher Kyle Tidwell is investigating the secret to the Conboy Lake superfrogs’ success. His findings may help the species avoid extinction. Leer más.

What if Noah got it wrong? What if he paired a male and a female animal thinking they were the same species, and then discovered they were not the same and could not produce offspring? As researchers from the Smithsonian’s Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project race to save frogs from a devastating disease by breeding them in captivity, a genetic test averts mating mix-ups. Leer más.