A partir de los análisis genéticos realizados con muestras de Psammophis schokari a lo largo de su distribución conocida se ha indicado que forman un grupo monofilético integrado por cuatro linajes (Marruecos y Sahara Occidental, Mauritania, Israel y Argelia) siendo los clados más distantes genéticamente el de Marruecos y Sahara Occidental con el de Argelia (Rato et al., 2007). Leer más.

Many fossil animals bear traits such as crests or horns that probably functioned as sexually selected signals or weapons. Interpretations of these structures as functioning in mate choice or intrasexual contests are often controversial, with interpretations based on biomechanics or physiology being favoured by many.  Leer más.

The Oxford Clay Formation of England has yielded numerous sympatric species of metriorhynchid crocodylomorphs, although disagreement has persisted regarding the number of valid species. For over 140 years teeth reminiscent of the genus Dakosaurus have been known from the Oxford Clay Formation but these have never been properly described and their taxonomy and systematic affinity remain contentious.  Leer más.