Licenciado/a en Biología IBIMA. El Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Málaga precisa contratar un Licenciado en Biología para Colaborar en el Proyectos de Investigación: PI11-CTS-08181, Neogénesis del tejido adiposo y su relación con la inflamación y la resistencia a la insulina. Leer más.

Ecotourism and Conservation — Can it work? In the context of a study in the forests of Central Guyana, a team of scientists from the Senckenberg Research Institute in Dresden investigated this very question and by chance found a previously undiscovered species of frog that only exists in a very confined area of the so-called Iwokrama Forest. Leer más.

Rapid tooth replacement by sauropods, the largest dinosaurs in the fossil record, likely contributed to their evolutionary success, according to a research paper by Stony Brook University paleontologist Michael D’Emic, PhD, and colleagues. Published in PLOS ONE, the study also hypothesizes that differences in tooth replacement rates among the giant herbivores likely meant their diets varied, an important factor that allowed multiple species to share the same ecosystems for several million years. Leer más.