The early summer frog species are now calling in Wisconsin. Most of the spring species have stopped calling but a few like the boreal chorus frogs have stuck around because the weather has been so nice. I recently performed a frog call survey in southern Wisconsin where the American toads (Anaxyrus americanus) and Cope’s gray treefrogs (Hyla chrysoscelis) where singing their little froggy hearts out. Leer más.

The Great Smoky Mountains- a remarkable place that words cannot describe. It is also well known by herpers as Salamander Capital of the World. Recently I had the opportunity to visit this place for the first time. I’ve always wanted to go there! I love the mountains, humidity, and habitat features of the Smokies- it’s my kind of place. Leer más.

The taxonomic status of recently discovered populations of pygmy chameleons (Rhampholeon) from the northern Mozambique montane isolates of Mt. Chiperone, Mt. Mabu, Mt. Inago and Mt. Namuli are assessed, and compared with the closest geographical congeners, including Rhampholeon platyceps Günther 1893 from Mt. Mulanje, and Rh. chapmanorum Tilbury 1992 from the Malawi Hills, both in southern Malawi. Relationships were examined using morphological features and a phylogenetic analysis incorporating two mitochondrial and one nuclear marker. Leer más.