The main responsibilities of this key position are: Feed IUCN’s global and European knowledge into EU policy processes that impact nature conservation and sustainable development in the EU and globally. Exchange policy knowledge with Brussels based IUCN member organisations and environmental NGOs working on EU policies. Inform the IUCN constituency of EU biodiversity policy developments. The EU Policy Officer is the Brussels focal point for the IUCN constituency on European and global policy related matters. Support development and preparation of project proposals related to policy issues. Ir al enlace.

The gecko Hemidactylus fasciatus is widespread in rainforest regions of equatorial Africa, from Guinea to Cameroon. Recently, this taxon was identified as a cryptic complex of at least five species, using multilocus genetic data and coalescent models for species delimitation. Here, we provide the formal descriptions of four new species from tropical West and Central Africa. As typical for cryptic species, the new species are genetically distinct, but difficult to distinguish using external morphology. However, coloration, shape of the body crossbands, and body size, are important distinguishing characters for this complex. Leer más.