When it comes to finally getting round to reading a book, there isn’t much that I’ll read cover-to-cover or at least attempt. Cold Blood: Adventures with reptiles and amphibians was one of these wonderfully well written natural history books and I’m about to analyse why now. First of all the book has been authored by a man who is a lecturer in creative writing at Bath Spa University. Leer más.

The systematics and biogeographical history of the diverse fauna of New Guinea and surrounding islands (Melanesia) remain poorly known. We present a phylogeny for 16 of the 21 recognised Melanesian bent-toed geckos in the genus Cyrtodactylus based on mitochondrial sequence data. Leer más.

Comparison of this new material with other species referred to the genus Gavialis led us to preliminary restrict the content of the genus to three species, namely G. gangeticus Gmelin, G. bengawanicus Dubois and G. lewisi Lull. The occurrence of G. cf. bengawanicus in Thailand allows us to propose a scenario for the dispersal of Gavialis from Indo-Pakistan to Indonesia, thus bridging a geographical gap between these two provinces. Dispersal by sea appears a less likely possibility than dispersal through fluvial drainages. Leer más.