Phylogenetic reconstructions derived from DNA sequence data play a central role in documenting the number of species in a complex. Such analyses are pointing to the existence of many cryptic species, especially in poorly understood groups such as the genus Limnonectes, and the L. kuhlii species complex in particular. Leer más.

We describe a new species of small terrestrial gecko in the genus Diplodactylus from inland regions of western Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Diplodactylus ameyi sp. nov. can be distinguished from its congeners in the Diplodactylus conspicillatus species-group by its relatively large size, bulbous tail which lacks an acute attenuated extension at tip, small first labial scale and comparatively robust head morphology (which includes a broadly rounded snout and no well-defined canthus rostralis). Leer más.

How the widespread expansion and intensification of aridity through the Neogene has shaped the Austral biota is a major question in Antipodean biogeography. Lineages distributed across wide aridity gradients provide opportunities to examine the timing, frequency, and direction of transitions between arid and mesic regions. Leer más.

Un año más SERBAL participa en el Proyecto TESTUDO cuya finalidad es el seguimiento a largo plazo de la tortuga mora (Testudo graeca) en el sureste de la península ibérica. Para evaluar el estado de conservación de este reptil, en el marco de este proyecto, se siguen varias poblaciones en Murcia y Almería y SERBAL se encarga del seguimiento de 4 poblaciones en nuestra provincia. Para ello, al igual que el año pasado, buscamos voluntarios para ayudarnos en los censos. Leer más.