The FrogLog team and all of the contributing authors are excited to bring you this latest edition of FrogLog. As always, it highlights recent amphibian research developments, as well as incredible conservation success stories from around the world, all in one place. It is indeed becoming the magazine we have always been working towards: a publication that is both exciting and accessible to not just the scientific community, but also amphibian enthusiasts from all walks (hops?) of life. Leer más.


Scaling evolutionary trees to time is essential for understanding the origins of clades. Recently developed methods allow including the entire fossil record known for the group of interest and eliminated the need for specifying prior distributions for node ages. Here we apply the fossilized birth-death (FBD) approach to reconstruct the diversification timeline of the viperines (subfamily Viperinae). Leer más.


The phenomenon of fluorescence can be used by animals to change effective colouration or patterning, potentially to serve functions including intra- and interspecific signalling. Initially believed to be restricted to marine animals, fluorescent colours are now being described in an increasing number of terrestrial species. Here, we describe unique, highly fluorescent patterns in two species of pumpkin toadlets (Brachycephalus ephippium and B. pitanga). Leer más.