The designation of taxonomic units has important implications for the understanding and conservation of biodiversity. Eurasian vipers are a monophyletic group of viperid snakes (Serpentes, Viperinae), currently comprising four genera (DaboiaMacroviperaMontivipera and Vipera) and up to 40 species. Taxonomic units have been described using a wide variety of methods and criteria, and consequently, considerable controversy still surrounds the validity of some currently listed species. In order to promote a consensus- and evidence-based taxonomy of Eurasian vipers, we analysed published mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences for this group to reconstruct phylogenetic relationships among currently recognized viper species. Leer más.


A fatal viral disease continues to impact Florida freshwater turtles, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking the public to assist the ongoing investigation by reporting sick and dead turtles. Beginning in the St. Johns River watershed region in 2018, virus-associated turtle mortalities have apparently expanded to the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes in 2020. Researchers continue to receive reports of sick and dead turtles from Brevard County. Additional turtle mortalities have been reported from Orlando, Lakeland and the Lake Wales region (e.g. Lake Kissimmee and Tiger Lake). The FWC is collaborating with wildlife rehabilitation centers statewide in the submission of samples from Florida softshell turtles and cooters (Peninsula and Florida red-bellied) for testing. Leer más.


Reports of global declines in animal populations are now numerous and also include snakes, a group of animals now widely regarded as bio-indicators. A prerequisite for any conservation management plan to protect or restore snake populations requires a data base that provides insight into population composition and changes. Leer más.


Firstly, we want to convey our sincerest wishes for your good health and wellbeing during these difficult days of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that you can stay healthy and positive during this time, and recover swiftly from any illness. Your work in global amphibian conservation is so important, but depends on your welfare and safety. May you get all the time and space you need to look after yourselves, your families, your friends, and your colleagues. Leer más.