Mannophryne is a genus of 20 frog species found in the forests of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. They belong to the family Aromobatidae, the sister family to the well-known Dendrobatidae, or poison dart frogs. Unlike poison dart frogs, that are brightly coloured to advertise their toxicity, aromobatids use cryptic colouration to blend into their surroundings as they do not have toxic compounds in their skins. In addition, they have a very effective escape response and can identify and reach cover quickly. This has led to one of their common names of rocket frogs, as well as being known as stream frogs, because of their normal habitat of stream margins. Leer más.


Two species of Bush Vipers, genus Atheris Cope, 1862, have been reported for the continental island of Bioko, Gulf of Guinea – Atheris squamigera and a putatively undescribed species, morphologically similar to Atheris chlorechis. The latter was only known from one specimen collected in the early 1900s and its taxonomic identity has never been fully resolved. Based on recently collected specimens of Atheris from Bioko Island, we reviewed all the available data and specimens through detailed morphological comparisons against all known species of the genus. Our results confirm that Atheris squamigera is present in Bioko Island, and that the second taxon is a new species, which we describe here as Atheris hetfieldi sp. nov. Leer más.