Stuart et al.’s assessment was based on the then total number of described amphibian species, 5743. However, James Hanken (1999) had earlier noted the irony that, at a time when amphibian species were in severe decline, the number of known species was rapidly increasing. This trend has continued. The Amphibian Species of the World website (Frost, 2020) currently (October, 2020) lists 8226 species, a 43% increase on the number assessed by Stuart et al. in 2004. Over the last 10 years, the number of described species of amphibians (mostly anurans: frogs and toads) has increased on average by 150 per year. Leer más.

With your help, we are monitoring and protecting sea turtles, their nests and hatchlings on the beaches as well as rescuing injured/sick sea turtles and treating them at the Rescue Centre. We are inviting enthusiastic and committed individuals to join the volunteer projects in 2021. Read on and check out requirements and projects. Get to know our policies and how we are dealing with COVID-19 issues. Are you ready to volunteer? The sooner you apply, the better! Leer más.