Los trabajadores de la Alhambra han encontrado durante los trabajos de limpieza de una acequia un ejemplar de salamandra penibética, un hallazgo que desde el recinto nazarí han acogido con entusiasmo dado que se trata de un anfibio protegido que se extinguió por completo del cauce del río Darro en los años ochenta y que vuelve a verse, por primera vez en 40 años, en el entorno del monumento. Leer más.  


Dehydration and hypersalinity challenge non-marine organisms crossing the ocean. The rate of water loss and saltwater tolerance thus determine the ability to disperse over sea and further influence species distribution. Surprisingly, this association between physiology and ecology is rarely investigated in terrestrial vertebrates. Here we conducted immersion experiments to individuals and eggs of six lizard species differently distributed across Taiwan and the adjacent islands to understand if the physiological responses reflect the geographical distribution. Leer más.


Posters on animal groups are of special interest because they easily get the attention of people who can find, in a single place, information that other- wise could be difficult to assemble. We are happy to present the most recent poster on a group of amphibians, a production of the Rescue of Endangered Venezuelan Amphibians (REVA) Conservation Center with the support of the Chessington Conservation Fund. Leer más.