We quantify and explain the effects of disease-driven loss of salamanders on the dynamics of forest leaf litter. Using paired mesocosms, within a Belgian forest, we tested the effect of fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra) presence on the trophic cascade that results in the decomposition rate of good quality (maple – Acer pseudoplatanus) and poorer quality (oak – Quercus robur) leaf litter, over an 18 month period. Leer más.


A new ground-dwelling species of treefrog in the genus Leptopelis is described from the Harenna Forest in south-eastern Ethiopia. The description is based on morphology and acoustics and is supported by molecular data. The new species has a small body size, and the digital discs on fingers and toes are significantly more conspicuous than in other semi-fossorial members of the L. gramineus complex. Leer más.