. We found strong differences in patterns of species occurrence, community structure and pairwise beta diversity between agricultural management groups, with a marked community structure in rainfed ponds associated with local features and the presence of some rare species that were nearly absent in the irrigated area, which was characterized by a random community structure.  Leer más.


These results provide firm evidence that the type material of G. atlantica does not belong to the Quaternary tortoise bones excavated on Sal Island in the 1930s, as originally thought. Thus, the extinct tortoise species remains unstudied and lacks a scientific name, and the name G. atlantica has to be relegated into the synonymy of C. carbonarius. The circumstances that led to this confusion currently cannot be disentangled. Leer más.


¿Cómo se forman dos nuevas especies a partir de las poblaciones de una misma especie original? Esta pregunta ha intrigado a los biólogos evolutivos desde los tiempos de Darwin. Según algunas investigaciones, se trata de un proceso relativamente rápido dirigido por mutaciones en unos pocos genes con funciones en aspectos clave como la reproducción o la supervivencia.  Leer más.