Florida has grappled with a host of invasive species that thrive in the warm, moist climate. But one species may soon be on the way out. A team of biologists known as the “Croc Docs” have been working to eliminate the nonnative spectacled caiman (Caiman crocodilus) from the state, and a recent study published in Management of Biological Invasions suggest its populations are declining. Leer más.


In this study, we analyzed one mitochondrial marker (COI) as well as genome-wide data (ddRAD sequencing) from 28 and 41 samples, respectively, covering the entire distribution range of the genus to explore the population genomics, phylogenomic relationships and introgression patterns within the genus Cerastes. Additionally, and to provide insights into the mode of diversification of the group, we carried out niche overlap analyses considering climatic and habitat variables. Leer más.