Such an integrated approach could be fruitful to understanding the ecology of underground environments, and better comprehending the evolutionary and biological processes affecting subterranean animals. Olm occurrence in springs highlights the importance of more studies on groundwaters and their borders, and suggests that we should approach cave biology processes with more flexibility. Leer más.


Conservation planning in freshwaters should consider the dynamic effects of climate change and the ability of species to cope with it. In this study, we developed a framework for incorporating climate-driven dispersal barriers into conservation planning taking into account the medium and long-term impacts of climate change and species with obligatory interactions. Leer más.


We present a taxonomic review and systematic revision of the Eyelash Palmitviper Bothriechis schlegelii (Berthold, 1846) based on examination of 400 museum specimens, a phylogeographic analysis of 818 locality records, and 80 individuals sampled for molecular characters. Leer más.